how another dating dead end makes an unexpected right turn




That first date, the occasional hook up, the good sex, and the bad. Those awkward moments we’ve all had, and the emotions we all experience - rejection, romantic challenges, disappointment, wanting something more. It all takes place during a thought-provoking car ride home after a date. It follows a young gay professional, Simon; a frustrated hopeless romantic who’s ready for something different. He’s on the brink of giving up on the search for love…but perhaps he’s looking in the wrong places. with a little help from an unexpected source, he has a change in direction.



Alhaji Sesay.jpg

Alhaji Sesay (Simon)

Alhaji Sesay is a resourceful actor who enjoys the challenges to fully inhabit the
roles he takes on. Named by his father, who immigrated from Sierra Leone, Alhaji was born in
Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the small suburb of Columbia, Maryland. After a career in finance and cosmetology, he began training to become an actor, landing his first role in a short film in 2014 (“Dryer Lint”). Alhaji is currently a lead on the web series “Badd Kidds”. Based in Los Angeles, when he is not on set or auditioning, he finds time to record his podcast, "30 Something Black and Gay."

Rafael Cabrera.jpg

Rafael Cabrera (Driver)

Rafael Cabrera started his path to filmmaking and acting at the age of 13, through writing, acting, and editing his own films with his peers. Growing up he bounced between New Jersey and New York City which helped him experience the diversity that led him to create more impactful films that reflected his environment. At a young age he realized the importance of broadening his acting skills in front of an audience which is why he pursued theater from middle school throughout college. After college he attended the New York Film Academy where he concentrated on the art of filmmaking and acting for film. Rafael is constantly trying to push boundaries and make bold character choices with every role he takes on. His passion for acting and directing has led him to be very comfortable with the entire movie-making process from behind the camera and in front of it. Some of his credits include roles on Bosch (2018), Lethal Weapon (2016), and Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016).


Justin Young (WRITER, Director, PRODUCER)

Justin Young, M.D. is a doctor by profession, but a filmmaker by passion. He has had an interest in storytelling for years, and has been fascinated by the moviegoing experience since seeing dinosaurs run across the screen in Jurassic Park as a kid, and has been chasing that sense of wonder through film ever since, mostly as a viewer…until now. He branched out to more creative writing endeavors as a contributor to the Huffington Post, as well as some medical pieces for various media, but the goal is to become more adventurous through filmmaking. With a passion for politics, travel, and a deep love for movies and how they illuminate our connections, his goal is to tell stories with characters who aren’t just LGBTQ or people of color, but also fit into any number of realized worlds that may involve dragons, espionage, romance, ancient prophecies, governmental power struggles, identity crises, or awkward first dates. That’s Me On the Right is his first film, and he has the drive to make many more.



Special THANKS TO -

Tamika Katon-Donegal, Jarrett Mason, Darryl Stephens, and Brice Sedgwick for reading the script and providing honest feedback and unending support. Adam Blaker for letting us borrow your Prius/Priestess for the shoot, and also script notes. Reah Chiu for letting us add another credit to Mookie McMookerstein's acting reel. Kit Williamson also for script feedback and helping out with gear for the shoot. Courtney Love and Corbett Trubey for feedback about music. Adam Barksdale for transport and serving as a solid member of our small crew for this little idea to make a movie. And anyone who gave me a nudge to push this movie along and help it become a reality, thank you.


FROM THE Director


The idea for That’s Me On the Right formed pretty much immediately after having a very similar ride of my own after a night out. I was struck by my driver’s bold responses and personal perspectives on dating, relationships, and love. It resonated because of the unfettered honesty he shared about his own experiences. The story evolved to include some gems and words of wisdom I had gotten from friends over the years. I wanted to tell a simple, semi-autobiographical story about modern dating, in a visually interesting way, elevating a highly relatable experience that embodies the frustrations we all face, and how to overcome them. It was also important for me to tell a story that was gay, included
characters that looked like me, and resonates with anyone who has picked up a phone to swipe right or left, with the courage to take a chance on love.

- Justin



- Official Selection -

Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival - May 24-June 3, 2018 - WORLD PREMIERE

Palm Springs Short Fest Film Market - June 19-25, 2018

North Carolina Gay + Lesbian Film Festival - August 16-19, 2018

Out On Film Atlanta LGBT Film Festival - September 27-October 7, 2018

Baltimore International Black Film Festival - October 3-8, 2018

Queer Bee LGBT Film Festival (London) - October 3, 2018

Way OUT West Film Fest (Albuquerque) - October 12, 2018

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival (London) - November 13-19, 2018

Black Alphabet Film Festival (Chicago) - November 16, 2018

Culver City Film Festival - December 9, 2018